Curriculum vitae

She has been pursuing art from 25, when she started to present her first paintings on canvas and aquarelle paintings. She began to exhibit in eastern Bohemia (for example in Častolovice, Opočno, Dobruška and Rychnov) and later in Pardubice, Znojmo, Liberec, Vlašim and elsewhere. She had arranged more than 20 solo exhibitions.
She paints mostly oil paintings, but she likes other techniques like painting, drawing, printing and painting on silk, too. Her images are more or less realistic, but recently they are more symbolic. Because of her work of an art therapist, she works with emotional experience and she tries to artistically portray her.
On top of, she pursues lecturing. She teaches children and adults basics of art and graphic techniques and arranges art camps more than 10 years. She arranged art therapy camps last two years, too.
She worked as a teacher of free time in art workshop in a refugee camp in Kostelec nad Orlicí, then as an art therapist in the seniors home and now she works as an art therapist in the mental hospital in Bohnice.

• Education:
- textile high school (field – clothing)
- mechanical and textile college in Liberec
- "Art therapy" in the context of lifelong learning at Masaryk´s university in Brno